August 20th, 2014


this is what I mean by it shouldn’t be any different the other way round


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August 19th, 2014

The difference between DC and Marvel


How DC ends their movies:



How Marvel ends their movies:



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May 21st, 2014




Ellen gets Ellen’s blessing


Gay Ellen, meet Gay Ellen

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April 27th, 2014


Exactly one month ago, I was in Tokyo and happily attending Fudanjuku events. Had my first group handshake with them during the PON! event on the 27 March and that was my first time seeing them all so up close…Before I could think of what to say to them, I realised that Kojiro was the first in the queue and my mind went blank. My very first handshake with my boys and the first one is my oshi?! Thanks, but this isn’t very good for my kokoro. Still, managed to tell everyone I was from Singapore and that I’d be seeing them again at Hyogo and Nakano. Was pretty much at a loss for words after that because WOW I FINALLY MET FUDANJUKU!

Took the shinkansen to Hyogo on the 29 March for their event at Nishinomiya Gardens. Took a bunch of polaroids and managed another round of handshakes with all of them. When I was walking up to the stage to take the group photo with them, they all recognized me from the PON! event handshake and asked for my name. So 感動 T_T The one english phrase that they’re really good at is “I love you” and they used it a lot, especially since they knew I was from Singapore. I’m not complaining though, they’re all super awesome and just soooo darnnn nice ;a; Such good boys…

30 March, Nakano Sunplaza concert. As I was queuing outside, waiting to enter to buy the merchandise, the rain and wind came so fast and furious it was crazy. Sasuga “Power of the Wind”. The concert was almost 3 hours long and packed with mucho goodness. Their live at Shibuya Public Hall that I attended last year wasn’t even this long if I remember correctly.

All in all, my 2014 trip to Japan was jam packed with a whole lot of fun and memories. Met up with awesome twitter friends and made a few new friends too. Also, CHERRY BLOSSOMS! GORGEOUS, I tell ya…G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I love spring. I really do.


Power of Wind @ Nakano Sunplaza, 01.04.2014


風男塾乱舞2014 ~POWER OF WIND~@中野サンプラザ

M2:Jinsei wahaha!
M4:Soushoku Lion


M5:Kaze ni notte
M6:Noraneko Maria
M9:Colourful Printemps
M10:Senpai no Kanojo
M11:Dansou revolution
M12:Chenmen paradise


M13:Bokura no Arukumichi
M14:Ame tokidoki hare no chi niji
M16:Kami HiKouki
M17:Mugen no Procyon
M18:Galileo~Procyon wo koete~
M19:Onaji jidai ni umareta wakamonotachi

- Encore1-

M21:Ii Otoko
M22:Kimi no monogatari

- Encore 2-

M23:Taiyou mitai na kimi ga suki

I attended this live and all I can say is…AJKRQ@GEWGy@GUeghyghagyu2ge12y18y2g8qyy7182yuqhwei

It’s been almost a month since I came back and I still miss them so much ;a;


April 20th, 2014


Super Golden Friends

I usually don’t reblog, but my boyfriend posted this and of course it’s awesome. I mean, it combines my Girls and his superheroes. What’s not to like?

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April 13th, 2014

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March 26th, 2014
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